8.30.2017 by Scott Toepfer

Over the past 8 or so years fiddling around in the motorcycle/apparel industry with my camera, I've been given extraordinary opportunities by the influential people that make this little world of ours spin.  This year, Paul D'Orleans and Vincent Prat decided to have an invitation-only family reunion in the coastal foothills of Central California.  We did a little racing, skating, and surfing over a few days, trying our damn best to catch up as friends and enthusiasts.  The good folks at Iron & Air Magazine teamed up with Converse to help cover the event, and asked if I would bring the camera along with me.  This is the first post of a couple.

8.23.2017 by Scott Toepfer

I've always been thrilled by folks who can do 'simple' very well.  I'd rather have the best apple pie on the planet than any pie with 24 exotic ingredients.  The same goes for spaces and experiences.  My friend David Martinez has a fantastic barber shop in town.  It's a cozy space to get a perfectly simple haircut and a chat.  Upon opening, David knew he wanted to have a place where customers and friends could drop in and hang out in conversation, and his response to this was to keep some beer in the back for everyone.  He teamed up with Madewest Brewery, another local business here in Ventura, to keep his operation in the family.

8.21.2017 by Scott Toepfer

After the eclipse madness it was time to get back to work. Shot a quicky with my pals Joe and Sean of Good Time Revival, a local business I'm quite fond of these days.  A helmet supplier sent them some new goods and we spun around town to grab a few 'lifestyle' snaps of the products.