6.11.2018 by Scott Toepfer

I've met some incredible people in the motorcycle world over the last few years of personal exploits.  Perhaps none so much as the crew that started Atwyld.  These women have created a brand of safety forward women's riding gear that looks fantastic on or off the bike.  I've spent a lot of time photographing riding gear, and this line is by far the best option for women riders.

And, after a little begging, they let me take some photographs for them.  

5.21.2018 by Scott Toepfer

Dunlop Tires recently licensed a photo of my buddy Jake Wreesman and his award-winning (see image of award our friends accepted on his behalf) XLCH chopper for their vintage tire print advertisement.   Dunlop has been a supporter of me in my own racing endeavors, and am thankful to have them on my side.  Jake has been my go-to fabricator for all things out of my league, and I'm glad Dunlop picked this photo of him.

5.17.2018 by Scott Toepfer

While it has been quiet here, I assure you it has not been quiet here.

Recent work for Bridgestone Tires, as it launched new designs for V-twins as well as adventure and touring machines.

Agency: Baldwin&
Art Director: Bob Ranew
Producer: Sarah Gersbach // Need'Em Productions

12.8.2017 by Scott Toepfer

I recently completed a campaign shoots for one of the most well known brands in racing... Simpson.  Known for their helmets, harnesses, parachutes, boots, gloves, and suits, they've worked for generations to keep speed freaks alive in the harshest conditions.  I was terribly fortunate to work with a team willing to let me wander through the depths of the NHRA Finals, photographing the privateers as well as the biggest names in the sport.  

12.7.2017 by Scott Toepfer

This year, unlike all previous years, I ditched the typical post-Thanksgiving food coma.  Instead, I jumped aboard my 1967 BSA Hornet and attempted the infamously fun and challenging motorcycle rally knows as "LA-BARSTOW-VEGAS." The ride includes 400 miles of sand, dirt, rocks and punishment, followed by some beers and a year's full of stories to motivate you to participate again next year.

I finished, but nearly broke my entire bike to pieces.  I had just about zero attachment to the motorcycle itself, until it finished, barely held together by elastic bands and safety wire.  Before cleaning it, I had to take a few studio shots.

Look out for the full story and image set coming soon.

11.14.2017 by Scott Toepfer

I was very fortunate to be asked by the good folks at Conscious Minds (LA) to photograph their latest campaign for UBER.  In collaboration with Barclay's and VISA, we set out for some everyday adventures in the LA area and captured the fun. From the beaches north of County Line, to the roof tops of DTLA, we had a good run with a damn fine crew.  These are just being released now, you're bound to see them floating through your feeds.

10.11.2017 by Scott Toepfer

There's been a lot of moto action lately.  Racing, testing, canyon runs... there's always something to do while the weather is still warm.  The guys from Iron & Air Magazine came out a while back to test some new bikes, while us vintage guys just tried to keep up.  It was a wild weekend on the Central Coast for W&W.

10.10.2017 by Scott Toepfer

Fall is here, and everything is speeding up and getting busier.  I wanted to squeeze in a few more photos from a little Central Coast trip with some good friends.  A new addition to the group of pals was Troy Elmore.  A nice guy, with the ability to go with the flow and have fun in the water no matter how small and murky it could be.  

10.9.2017 by Scott Toepfer

As many know, I tinker around in the arena of amateur flat track racing.  It started about 4 years ago for me, and I've gone off the deep end.  Thankfully, many of my friends are drowning in the deep end right next to me.  I attended the American Flat Track finals this weekend, and while Sideburn Magazine has many of my photos tied up for features in the next couple of issues, I had to share a couple of my pal Jimmy Hill.  A friend of a friend, turned trackside pal, Jimmy is one of those guys who is all smiles until it's race time.  He's a breath of fresh air in the pits, and a damn find rider.  When he isn't doing backflips on MX bikes, he's rolling the dice with the hooligan crowd at the track.


10.4.2017 by Scott Toepfer

Throughout the year I see and trash emails talking about the latest tech in our industry.  I'm not a terribly huge fan of 'the latest and greatest' gadget or filter pack, but it would be irresponsible to not pay attention to the shifts that occur.  After this year's uptick in device specific shoots, I've been spending a little more time with VR.  I wrote a few scripts, and am producing a couple of shoots around my interpretation of the tech's strengths.  I'm working on the motion components of this project now, but I figured it couldn't hurt to share a few still frames as a teaser.

9.24.2017 by Scott Toepfer

The good folks at House Beer and Colony brought me in a few times over the last 6 months or so to help build out their content library.  I'd always been impressed by their photography with Keegan, and was very flattered to be the next in line to bring some more people into the image library.  They recently released a few posters of my photos.

8.30.2017 by Scott Toepfer

Over the past 8 or so years fiddling around in the motorcycle/apparel industry with my camera, I've been given extraordinary opportunities by the influential people that make this little world of ours spin.  This year, Paul D'Orleans and Vincent Prat decided to have an invitation-only family reunion in the coastal foothills of Central California.  We did a little racing, skating, and surfing over a few days, trying our damn best to catch up as friends and enthusiasts.  The good folks at Iron & Air Magazine teamed up with Converse to help cover the event, and asked if I would bring the camera along with me.  This is the first post of a couple.

8.23.2017 by Scott Toepfer

I've always been thrilled by folks who can do 'simple' very well.  I'd rather have the best apple pie on the planet than any pie with 24 exotic ingredients.  The same goes for spaces and experiences.  My friend David Martinez has a fantastic barber shop in town.  It's a cozy space to get a perfectly simple haircut and a chat.  Upon opening, David knew he wanted to have a place where customers and friends could drop in and hang out in conversation, and his response to this was to keep some beer in the back for everyone.  He teamed up with Madewest Brewery, another local business here in Ventura, to keep his operation in the family.

8.21.2017 by Scott Toepfer

After the eclipse madness it was time to get back to work. Shot a quicky with my pals Joe and Sean of Good Time Revival, a local business I'm quite fond of these days.  A helmet supplier sent them some new goods and we spun around town to grab a few 'lifestyle' snaps of the products.