10.9.2017 / by Scott Toepfer

As many know, I tinker around in the arena of amateur flat track racing.  It started about 4 years ago for me, and I've gone off the deep end.  Thankfully, many of my friends are drowning in the deep end right next to me.  I attended the American Flat Track finals this weekend, and while Sideburn Magazine has many of my photos tied up for features in the next couple of issues, I had to share a couple of my pal Jimmy Hill.  A friend of a friend, turned trackside pal, Jimmy is one of those guys who is all smiles until it's race time.  He's a breath of fresh air in the pits, and a damn find rider.  When he isn't doing backflips on MX bikes, he's rolling the dice with the hooligan crowd at the track.